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The FBB Federal Relations team brings to bear a collective 50 years of Capitol Hill experience. For decades, we have provided a diverse, sophisticated clientele with creative advice and aggressive strategy, establishing a track record of delivering tangible results and surpassing expectations.

FBB clients include multinational corporations, cutting edge technology companies, prominent trade associations, major ports, state and local governments and public agencies. Our clients stay with us for years because we continue to anticipate their needs, remain unmatched in responsiveness and accessibility, and deliver unsurpassed legislative and regulatory results, year after year.

About Federal Relations FBB
Our Experience - FBB is the lobbying arm of Lindsay Hart LLP.


FBB Federal Relations delivers the highest quality service to our clients.  An effective Federal relations strategy depends upon the capabilities of individuals and accountability to the client – our clients know exactly who is doing the work and that they can reach us when they need us.  


The model works – many clients have stayed with us for over 25 years.  Our clients have the resources to hire whomever they wish, and in some cases have moved their government relations work away from larger firms to experience our superior service and results.

A Full Time Presence in Washington, D.C.


The importance of a full-time presence in Washington, D.C. cannot be overstated.  Effective federal representation requires the ability to not only navigate a complex and evolving political environment, but also to respond promptly and in person in order to meet the often unpredictable and unscheduled demands of government officials, members of Congress and Capitol Hill staffers.


Members of Congress must often choose between competing constituencies – they can’t satisfy everyone 100% of the time – and as a result the interests of one constituent may be prioritized over another.  We have found time and again that the old adage is true: the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Members of Congress make their calculations based on who they are hearing from, and with thousands of cities, counties, states, non-profit organizations, associations and companies fighting for limited time and attention, it is those that have strong relationships with the right people in Washington, D.C. – and a constant presence in front of those people – that will be effective.

Keeping You “In the Know”


FBB excels at keeping our clients updated on the Federal developments that impact their interests.  Our commitment is to immediately apprise clients of all relevant developments, to provide focused, actionable updates, and to ensure our clients hear the news from us first.  


This includes brief and timely emails and phone correspondence to keep our clients apprised of any activity that will impact their priorities; up-to-the-minute reports well suited for briefing key stakeholders; and detailed monthly reports for the Contract Manager to monitor all activities. Additionally, our clients can always reach us and expect a fast response and at all hours, regardless of time zone.





Mobilizing grassroots and grass-tops support to achieve legislative results at the  state, and national level. Click below to learn more about our mobilization capabilities.



Coordinating results-driven federal lobbying missions for stakeholders from around the country. Click below to learn more about our "fly-Ins."



Delivering results in numerous ways. Click below to learn more about our lobbying practice.


The nation’s largest coalition of agriculture and forest products exporters 

Timber interests  ❖  Coalition of New England-based companies advocating free and fair trade

Association of general construction and highway contractors  ❖  Local economic development agency

Software company providing cyber security solutions  ❖  Agribusiness company seeking trucking efficiency

Deep draft international port authorities   ❖  Developers of a multi-billion dollar international energy export facility

Global athletic footwear and apparel brands  ❖  Trade association of customs brokers and freight forwarders

Environmental mitigation organization  ❖  Ocean maritime oil spill prevention and response program

Indian tribe   ❖  Bi-state compact providing maritime fire, spill and accident prevention and response
Public transit agency  ❖  Collective negotiating body for ocean transportation rates and services

State government economic development agency  ❖  County government

Corporate family of leading fashion and recreational footwear brands




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Peter Friedmann

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Ray Bucheger


Jeanine Colarusso

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